Sarah Hillion

Residential Manager

Contact: Sarah Hillion

Telephone:+441534 789404
About Me:

My name is Sarah Hillion to look after my mental health I enjoy walks with my dog, arts & crafts I.e. making my own cards. I also attend the gym and enjoy a relaxing spa.

What Job Do I Do?

Acting Residential Service Manager

Where Do I Work?

Camelot residential home 789404

When might you work with me?

You may have the opportunity to work with me if you are an individual whom may require the support available within our residential setting environment, this could be for either short/long term placements or the use of our respite/transitional suite which we also have available.

What does a typical day look like in my job?

Within Camelot there is no typical day, my day is dependent on the needs of both residents and the staff. My priority is the residents whose mental health can and does fluctuate from time to time, staff members seek guidance and support, in order to ensure and maintain our current high standards.

What do I like most about my job?

Watching our residents flourish and grow more confident with all aspects of their life and supporting them to achieve their personal goals.

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