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Recognising that those experiencing mental ill health are not the only ones impacted
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Carers form a crucial part of recovery from Mental illness. As a carer you spend a lot of your time focusing on someone else. You may feel as if you just have no time at all for yourself. But looking after your own wellbeing is important for you and for them.

Who we are

Mind Jersey’s Carer and Family Support Service is there to help anyone caring and supporting a person living with mental health problems.

Our aim is to help you gain the knowledge and skills required to support your relative or friend whilst having your own needs met.

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What we do

The term ‘carer’ is usually used to describe people who provide unpaid care – partners, close family and friends. Being a carer includes anything from giving emotional support through to providing extensive practical support to enable someone to live their life from day to day.

Sometimes it can be hard to understand why someone needs caring for if they don’t have a physical illness or disorder; it may be harder to understand what they are experiencing. Being a carer can be both challenging and rewarding. It can be emotionally draining and can place significant demands on your time and energy, but it can also give you a sense of satisfaction from helping someone else.

There are a number of areas where carers are likely to want support:

  • Emotional support
  • Practical support e.g. with day-to-day chores
  • Time off (respite) from caring
  • Financial support
  • Involvement in planning someone’s care, including recognition of your role and information about their treatment

Support is available in a number of ways:

  • Individual support
  • Carer groups
  • Guidance and information
  • Information about recovery
  • Peer support
  • Telephone support
  • Counselling
  • Mindfulness practices and techniques
  • Support in becoming socially active again

“The Family and Carer Support Service has been a great source of information, comfort and support for our family. Any advice given is always practical, helpful, reassuring and measured. Overall the Service has been in our opinion the most helpful in aiding us as a family during a difficult period. Thank you.”

“I was completely unaware that what I was doing was a carer role and the effect it was having on me. I didn't think about reaching out for support myself.”

Carer and Family Training

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Triangle of Care booklet

Carers Included: A Guide to Best Practice in Mental Health Care in Jersey

How to cope when supporting someone

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