April Langlois

Youthful Minds Participation Worker

Contact: April Langlois

About Me:

My name is April Langlois and to look after my mental health I practise Mindfulness.

What Job Do I Do?

Youthful Minds Participation Worker. My job is to support sthe children and young people involved in Youthful Minds to have their voice heard in mental health training and development of mental health services.

Where Do I Work?

The Bridge and schools across the island.

When might you work with me?

If Youthful Minds come into your school or college to deliver workshops, or if you join Youthful Minds.

What does a typical day look like in my job?

On Mondays I will be running Youthful Minds and answering emails. The rest of the week I will typically be out in schools delivering workshops or working with services to listen to the voice of young people.

What do I like most about my job?

I love getting to work with young people across the island and helping them to get their voices heard and shaping mental health services in Jersey.

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