Elzbieta Demont

Carer and Family Development Worker

Contact: Elzbieta Demont

About Me:

My name is Elzbieta Demont and to look after my mental health I do dancing as often as I can, listen to the energetic music, I also try to swim once a week and meet my friends so we can talk, laugh and moan if we need, for long hours.

What Job Do I Do?

Carer and Family Development Worker

Where Do I Work?

My office is on 17 Beresford St and I also visit and support families in their home.

When might you work with me?

I work with the families and carers who look after the people with mental health conditions. I provide educational, emotional and practical support. If you look after someone with mental health condition, please get in touch.

What does a typical day look like in my job?

The typical day at work: I meet the clients and talk trough the difficulties they face every day and decide how best to support them. This may involve attending other statutory services appointments or simply going for a walk with them.

What do I like most about my job?

I love when after the appointment, clients leave the room and they say: “I feel so much better now! I know what to do next, thank you very much for your help”. This is very rewarding in my role, helping others.

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