Hugo Forrester

Office Manager & Training Officer

Contact: Hugo Forrester

About Me:

My name is Hugo Forrester. Being close to nature is a key part of my own self-care strategy. I like to be in the sea as often as possible and when on dry land I love to be on the cliffs or beaches with my family and dog.

What Job Do I Do?

I am part of the Education, Information and Training Team offering training in Adult Mental Health First Aid and general awareness training.

Where Do I Work?

In the office and across the Island providing a variety of training sessions, promoting awareness and challenging stigma around mental health.

When might you work with me?

I deliver training and awareness sessions to anyone who wants it!

What does a typical day look like in my job?

Raising the profile of mental health, smashing the stigma around mental health and providing tools and techniques to practice self-care and positive wellbeing.

What do I like most about my job?

Having the opportunity to provide such important information to a wide and varied group of people - if one person learns one thing in each session a positive change has been made!

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