Jennifer Browne

Training and Development Officer

Contact: Jennifer Browne

About Me:

My name is Jennifer Browne and I like to maintain my mental health through balance! I exercise regularly, I try to eat a healthy diet (but can’t resist a piece of cake), I socialise with friends and family and I also make sure I have ‘me’ time.

What Job Do I Do?

Peer Support Manager

Where Do I Work?

I am based at Mind Jersey on Beresford Street and you can contact me at

When might you work with me?

If you are experiencing a mental health problem, you may find it comforting to speak with someone who has a similar experience. Peer support offers a non-judgmental, 1:1 support with one of our volunteers who can assist you with practical, social or emotional support during your recovery. You can self-refer to the service via the peer support page of our website.

What does a typical day look like in my job?

A typical day for me involves talking with the peer support workers, my peers who I support and general admin. We also work closely with professionals in the Adult Mental Health Service and other local service providers and charity organisations on the island. I believe that only by working together as a community can we better improve the mental health provisions locally for all.

What do I like most about my job?

The thing I most like about my job is being able to connect with people. I know from my own experience that having a mental health diagnosis can be incredibly isolating. No one should ever feel like they are on their own or nobody understands how they feel. Peer support is filled with people who have been there and know the difficulties that come along with living with poor mental health. We provide hope that recovery is possible, and we can support you on while you are on your journey.

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