Stephen McCrimmon

Carer & Family Support Manager

Contact: Stephen McCrimmon

About Me:

My name is Stephen McCrimmon and I have worked in and around mental health for the last 13 years. I started as an addiction therapist before becoming part of then Active Recovery Team within Adult Mental Health Services. For the last nine years I have been the Carer and Family Support Manager at Mind Jersey. I look after my mental health by my continued development of my spiritual practices that are very important to me, these include retreats and meeting with likeminded people. I read a lot which I enjoy and the time I spend with my cat Smudge is always relaxing.

What Job Do I Do?

Carer and Family Support Manager

Where Do I Work?

My office is on 17 Beresford St and I also visit and support families in their home. I work in various locations locally with commitments to Committees and training, I also visit London six to eight times a year for my role on The Royal College of Psychiatry Executive Committee of the Faculty of Liaison Psychiatry and Carer and Service User Committee where I represent Carers.

When might you work with me?

If you have a relative, friend, colleague or neighbour who has a significant mental health problem you could be supported by me to understand more about the illness and symptoms, learn how to helpfully support them whilst looking after yourself at the same time. I might accompany you to meetings with service professionals and help make sure your voice is being heard and your concerns are taken seriously.

What does a typical day look like in my job?

I might be supporting a Carer or family on a one to one basis or sitting in meetings with them advocating their needs and views. I do various training and information sessions with Carers and Families and Professionals. I am also involved in the Triangle of Care work which is an ongoing piece of work with Mental Health Services to implement a best practice model for Carers within their services that recognises the Carers needs and contribution to care and support.

What do I like most about my job?

The simple answer to this is the Carer and Families I work with. I’ve learned much from them in the years I have been doing this work and this has led to what I believe a person-centred outcome focussed service that is tailored to the needs of each and every Carer and Family we support.

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