A message of loss from one of our chosen charities

Posted: May 12, 2023

I was elected as Lady Captain of Les Mielles Golf Club Jersey in February this year and chose MIND Jersey as my Charity for three main reasons

My daughter has recently qualified as a counsellor undertaking many of her voluntary hours working with Mind Jersey under their expert tuition. Within this placement she found her confidence with their nurturing and supportive nature which empowered her to begin her career as a counsellor in Singapore earlier this year. She spoke so highly of the team at MIND and of all their inspiring work helping people to manage and improve their mental health to ultimately live happier lives. We often speak about the link between mental and physical health and benefit exercise and being outdoors can have – which golf offers. This therefore felt like the perfect charity to fundraise for.

Last year very sadly the son of one of our members took their own life and in her own words:

“We lost our son last September as a consequence of mental illness. He was 43 years old and had been battling this dreadful disease on and off since his first year of university at 19. You would have thought he was the most unlikely of people to suffer from depression and anxiety as he had variously been described as friendly, cheerful, positive, and often remembered for his giggles and laughs. He was charming and intelligent, passionate about sport about which he had an almost encyclopaedic knowledge. But despite these attributes, he lacked confidence and worried obsessively about small details.

His illness caused him to break away from those who sought to help him, including his parents. Fortunately, friends and other family members did manage to in keep in contact with him and were unfailingly there for him. During his long illness he did have healthy interludes when he enjoyed attending sports and musical events. But we believe he found the isolation of the pandemic very hard and finally suffered a series of crises from which he could not see a way forward.

As parents we struggled to find a way to help and sympathise with others in the same situation. That is why we think mental health charities are so important because they have

the knowledge and experience to support and advise. So, I was very pleased when the Lady Captain of our golf club announced that her chosen charity for the year was to be MIND Jersey

Finally mental health illness seems to be getting the recognition it so badly needs but there are still so many questions for which there are yet no answers. For most physical illnesses there is diagnoses and a course of treatment; I wish it were so for mental illness.”

Golf is the perfect sport that can be played at any age to increase well-being and mental health

The benefits of the great outdoors and fresh air whilst exercising will release endorphins which is proven to reduce anxiety, improve self esteem and make you feel happy

Golf benefits social interaction with friends and new acquaintances, it teaches you self-management and decision-making skills which in turn improves emotional stability

We are a small friendly tight knit club with only 33 members who look out for and support each other, we praise the good shots and laugh at the bad ones, we drink tea, eat lots of cake whilst discussing who went in the hazards of the Lady Captains charity hole.

A WhatsApp group is there for discussions and private conversations

My Ladies Captain drive in was a football themed fun event which raised a great amount for Mind Jersey, a great start to the year.

We will continue to promote golfing and fun social events throughout the year to further raise funds and promote the great work the charity does. We are hoping a representative from the charity will attend our Open event in July and speak about the work of the charity

I know that golf, friendship and the work MIND Jersey does has significantly supported our fellow member and will continue to do so for all our Ladies

Tracey Bougourd

Lady Captain