Relationship with Mind UK

Mind Jersey is an independent charity, registered, based and operating in Jersey. All money raised by Mind Jersey stays in Jersey for the benefit of its people.

Mind Jersey benefits from affiliation to Mind by:

  • Direct Access to the voice and brand of Mind. A well respected and well known UK wide charity championing the needs and desires of people experiencing mental distress.
  • Access to printed resources. Mind produces a wide variety of information booklets on types of health problems, treatments and ways to cope.
  • Support for our staff. The opportunity to network with other professionals who work in similar roles – not having peers in Jersey can lead to staff feeling isolated. Mind provides direct support, opportunities to learn from other services and people and access to the training that Mind offers at greatly reduced rates.
  • Campaigning resources. Jersey has many issues which we feel need to be addressed. Mind can assist us with expert media advice, how we can campaign successfully and ensure that our voice is heard.
  • Regular review of the Quality of our services. Quality Management in Mind (QMiM) operates a quality review of all local Mind associations, evaluating and setting standards for all areas of their operation. This skill and quality audit will enable us to show the quality of the work that we do and demonstrate the professional services we offer. This will evidence that the money that is donated to Mind Jersey is supporting a worthwhile and effective service.

Quality Assurance Standards cover:

  •  Quality of Services & commitment to quality in all areas
  • Measuring our performance & monitoring – using satisfaction surveys, user feedback, service provider feedback, with an aim to always be looking to enhance or improve.
  • Good governance of the charity by the committee and throughout the charity as a whole.
  • A commitment to future planning and policy development – including input in strategic developments in mental health services and local community.
  • Good financial management
  • Good people management, including health & safety, supervision and support of all staff, training.
  • Provision of information – providing good and clear information, record keeping and data protection.
  • User Involvement – involving service users in all areas of what we do and development of new services, including recruitment of staff.
  • Equality and diversity. To provide a welcoming environment for all, providing services for all and working to best practise.
  • Networking and Partnership – with other Local Mind Associations and other service user groups. Good communication with other local groups and organisations.
  • Standards for services: Having a clear purpose for each service that is regularly reviewed and evaluated to provide the best method for enabling individuals towards the road to recovery. That the service meets the needs of individuals – which Mind Jersey champions through a Person – Centred approach.
  • Commitment to promoting the Mind brand


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