Learn the skills to better cope, understand and manage the impacts of mental illness.

Mental Health conditions are a normal part of life.

In any one year, approximately one in four people will experience a diagnosable mental health issue.

We believe that training and educating people about mental health helps to reduce the stigma around mental ill health and, in turn, increases peoples willingness to talk about wellbeing in a positive framework.

One main way that we achieve this at Mind Jersey is by delivering Mental Health First Aid Training.

Everyone who attends or Adult and Youth MHFA training courses will learn to define mental health and some mental health issues, understand factors that impact on and relate to mental health, identify stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues, feel more confident about starting a conversation about mental health and understand how to look after their own mental health.

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Adult Mental Health First Aid

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Youth Mental Health First Aid

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Mental Health Awareness Sessions

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Carer and Family Training

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